Extended Service Contract

We offer a wide range of extended service contracts. They cover from 3 Months to 48 Months and from 4,500 Miles to Unlimited Mileage. There is also a month to month extended service contract if you would prefer to go that route. They can strictly cover the power train or a complete "wrap around".

If you will let your sales manager know what your looking for we can find an extended service contract that will fit you and your families needs perfectly.

*The 3 mo./4,500 mile power train extended service contract that we give with every car purchased from us covers:

Engine (Internally Lubricated Parts)
Automatic Tranmission/Transfer Case (Internally Lubricated Parts)
Manual Transmission/Transfer Case (Internally Lubricated Parts)
Drive Axle Assembly (Internally Lubricated Parts)
Drive Shaft
Universal Joints
Constant Velocity Joints & Wheel Bearings
Seals & Gaskets (When Required when replacing covered component)
Head Gaskets/Intake Manifold Gaskets (Coolant Leaks Only)
Labor Rate Up To $50 An Hour
Labor Time Figured By Mitchel On Demand
Rental Benefits (Per 8 Hour Flat Rate Time) $25
Tranferrable $99 Fee
Deductible $100 Per Claim